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XMC Mezzanine Module • Quad-Port USB 3.0 Host Controller

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DB4-EAGLE - Quad-Port USB 3.0
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DB4-EAGLE XMC Mezzanine Module

USB 3.0 Host Controller

The DB4-EAGLE is a XMC standard single-width mezzanine card, equipped with a PCI Express® to USB 3.0 quad-port controller. Three USB 3.0 receptacles are available from the front bezel for attachment of external USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 compliant devices. As an option, an additional USB 3.0 connector can be populated on-board, for system-internal usage.

The USB controller supports all USB data transfer protocols on any connector, SuperSpeed (USB 3.0 xHCI) as well as high-speed, full-speed, and low-speed. Since the DB4-EAGLE requires only a single PCI Express® lane (Gen2 for optimum performance), the module can be combined with any XMC carrier card.

DB4-EAGLE USB 3.0 Host Controller

DB4-EAGLE USB 3.0 Host Controller XMC Module

The DB4-EAGLE is equipped with the TI TUSB7340 single chip PCI Express® to USB 3.0 bridge. The xHCI (SuperSpeed) compliant host controller supports up to four downstream ports. Each downstream port may be independently enabled and has individual power control and overcurrent detection. SuperSpeed USB 3.0 offers ten times the data speed of USB 2.0 (5 Gbit/s compared to 480 Mbit/s).

The bandwidth of the xHCI controller is shared over all DB4-EAGLE downstream ports. The XMC VPWR voltage level is automatically detected and converted to the USB VBUS (+5V), across electronic power switches, which deliver > 1.5A to each connector, thus suitable even for heavy capacitive loads presented by external devices.

DB4-EAGLE - Simplified Block Diagram

DB4-EAGLE - Simplified Block Diagram
Feature Summary
  • Form factor XMC single-width mezzanine card 139mm x 74mm
  • Stack height 10mm XMC to host
  • Host I/F Connector P15 XMC - PCI Express, single lane, single link
  • Option P15 connector according to XMC 2.0 (white housing)
  • VPWR either +5V or +12V self-adjusting
  • PCIe to quad-port USB 3.0 controller
  • PCIe x1 Gen2 interface for optimum performance
  • USB 3.0 xHCI (eXtensible host controller interface) SuperSpeed
  • USB 2.0 high-speed, full-speed, low-speed supported
  • Three front bezel USB 3.0 type A receptacles for attachment of external devices
  • Option on-board USB 3.0 connector for system internal cabling
  • Designed & Manufactured in Germany
  • ISO 9001 Certified Quality Management
  • Long Term Availability
  • Coating, Sealing, Underfilling on Request
  • RoHS compliant 2002/95/EC
  • Operating temperature: -40°C ... +85°C
  • Storage temperature: -40°C ... +85°C, max. gradient 5°C/min
  • Humidity 5% ... 95% non condensing
  • Altitude -300m ... +3000m
  • Shock 15g 0.33ms, 6g 6ms
  • Vibration 1g 5-2000Hz
  • MTBF tbd
  • EC Regulations EN55022, EN55024, EN60950-1 (UL60950-1/IEC60950-1)
subject to technical changes

Ordering Information
Please refer to List 22 for popular DB4-EAGLE SKUs

DB4-EAGLE USB 3.0 Host Controller

DB4-EAGLE USB 3.0 Host Controller XMC Module
SK2-SESSION CPCI Serial Carrier Card w. DB4-EAGLE USB 3.0 Host Controller

SK2-SESSION CompactPCI® Serial Carrier Card

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